Hawaii Wedding Ministers

Hawaiian Style Gay Weddings is a leader in providing wedding services and choices for your wedding vendors. Most important, the person officiating your ceremony! We have a variety of ministers to choose from. Your ceremony can be religious or not. We can usually accommodate your desires. Most all of our ceremonies begin with a lei exchange between the couple. Many of or ministers blow the conch shell to start the wedding. Choose your minister from our list below. We offer a variety of officiates and can accommodate Jewish, Catholic, Christian and other non-denominational traditions.
Not religious? We have that too. Call Pake at 808-258-7253 or 808-268-833 to request a copy of your favorite ministers vows. Click on Island name below to get more info on your Islands Wedding Ministers.
Kauai Minister TommyTokioka


Hawaiia Ministers (Kauai) - Karen Backinoff

Karen Backinoff

Hawaiia Ministers (Kauai) - Dale Rosenfeld

Dale Rosenfeld

Moon Lake Kauai Minister

Moon Lake


Oahu Wedding Ministers - Rev. Kalona Ortiz

“Kalona” Sharon Ortiz

Hawaii Ministers (Oahu) - Cynthia Smoot

Cynthia Smoot

Hawaii Ministers (Oahu) - Toni Baran

Toni Baran

Hawaii Ministers (Oahu) - Robert Fraser

Robert Fraser

Hawaii Ministers (Maui) - Diana George

Diana George

Hawaii Ministers (Maui) - Ricardo Hanakoo

Ricardo Hanakoo

Hawaii Ministers (Maui) - Charlie Hull

Charlie Hull

Hawaii Ministers (Maui) - Juddee Kawaiola

Juddee Kawaiola

Hawaii Ministers (Big Island) - Rick Kleit

Rick Kleit

Hawaii Ministers (Big Island) - Marian Hughes

Marian Hughes

Hawaii Ministers (Big Island) - Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson

Hawaii Ministers (Big Island) - Terry Herbert

Terry Herbert