Kauai Wedding Photographer Milan

Kauai Wedding Photographer Milan - Milan Kenjic
Milan Kenjic
tells us: “I will capture the best moments of your wedding on Kauai, by providing you with a unique collection of pictures. I’m shooting your special moment with a photo journalistic approach as it happens rather than staging everything for the camera; blending natural candid s, that are creative and exciting, with the formal and romantic, describing with images your storybook wedding“.

Milan was one of the first Kauai wedding photographers we ever worked with. He has proven himself over the years as reliable and helpful almost to a fault. Milan will do whatever it takes to make a wedding a success. He has come through to get flowers when their was no other way for them to get to the wedding. He has changed locations do the client desires or weather taking a lot more time out of his day for sake of the wedding. If that was not enough we think he is the best photographer we have on any of the four major Hawaiian Islands. Check out his work in his examples and let us know if you agree? If ilan is already booked you can also select from these other great Kauai wedding photographers.

Milan will shoot wedding from the far ends of the South shore up the coast to Kapaa and Lihue and beyond to the North shore and Hanalei Bay and Tunnels beaches. Many years ago you could have hired Milan to shoot your wedding in the Los Angeles area where he would command $5,000 plus for a days shoot. You are getting a bargain with Milan because he grew tired of the LA scene and loves shooting beach weddings in Kauai. Check out some of the better Kauai beach locations.