Real Hawaiian WeddingAloha you prospective Hawaii wedding couples. Do you want to have an authentic Hawaiian Style Wedding? They are the best! Not sure what that means? We almost always start with a Hawaiian minister that will blow the conch shell and do a lei exchange during the ceremony. But for “Real Hawaiian Weddings” we add a few extra’s. These extras often include fire dancers, hula dancers and musicians such as ukulele or the Tahitian drummer that will have the whole beach know you are getting married.

The cost of such a wedding can vary depending on the exact providers we hire for your wedding experience. If we add on our typical experience we add on an additional cost of $795 to any of our wedding packages. The added Hawaiian players will include a hula dancer, a fire dancer, a drummer and a ukulele player. We are happy to customize things and can add or subtract players to fit your needs and desires. Hula Dancer

The way this often works is we have the minister blow the conch shell to announce the start of the wedding followed by the Tahitian drummer banging away as you make your arrival. You are led in by the fire dancer and the hula dancer and the ukulele player as you make your arrival to the actual beach wedding spot where the minister is standing.

Real Hawaiian Weddings are copied from ancient Hawaiian weddings for their royalty. If you want the best Hawaiian experience for your special day consider adding in the “Real” experience. For best help on this and to get more information call our lead coordinator and planner Pake Salmon. She can be reached at 808-258-7253. Real Hawaiian Hula Dancer

Real Hawaiian Wedding Tahitian Drummer