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Oahu beach & garden weddings

Many great locations to choose from!

Oahu Weddings
The majority of people are staying in the Waikiki area so to let that majority know the quick facts I will first tell them their is only one beach location and it is near the Hilton Hawaiian Village resort. Many clients can walk to the location and for others it is a short cab ride away. The location is called “Duke Kahanamoku” beach. The next most popular location is just a few minutes drive outside Waikiki just past Diamond Head and is called Waialae beach. We do many other locations too. We have done weddings from the North shore to Ko’ Olina and every spot in between. Some of the more popular locations include, Lanikai, Kailua, Waimanalo, Makapu’u and the Turtle Bay.

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Oahu Wedding Locations

We do weddings from Waikiki to the North Shore

Please consult with us on location. We get permits for all beach locations (included in our packages)

Oahu Weddings - Lanikai


Oahu Weddings - Waialae


Oahu Weddings - Makapu'u


Oahu Weddings - Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku

Oahu Weddings - Ko'Olina


Oahu Wedding Ministers & Officiates

We offer a variety of ceremonies including religious and none, all with a Hawaiian Flair

Tell us about your needs and desires and we will be sure to match you up with the right person

Oahu Weddings - Jerry


Oahu Weddings - Gary


Oahu Weddings - Kalona


Oahu Weddings - Nowlin


Oahu Weddings - Rosemary


Oahu Wedding Photographers

We are Fortunate to Feature Oahu Photographer Extraordinaire; Pake Salmon

Pake is our media expert! She has other fine photogaphers and videographers at her disposal

Pake Salmon is a Hawaiian born photographer and videographer who specializes in weddings, editorial portraits, and ocean lifestyles in & out of the water. She has over 10 years of experience in the television & film industry here in Honolulu. From being on camera doing stunts/acting to managing locations and even shooting “behind the scenes” underwater for the hit television series LOST. She is warm with ALOHA for all and has a genuine spirit and loves to be of service to her clients and her crew. Her last film was Universal Studio’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Where she was a locations manager, “behind the scenes” underwater videographer, and finally made a cameo appearance as herself acting in the film. “My goal is to inspire and encourage all those I meet to fulfill their dreams and to bring more awareness of our environment with the images and stories I create.  I believe imagery has the power to help us connect and heal us.”

Pake also belongs to a environmental community group on the West Side of the island of Oahu that helps to develop youth leaders with regards to environmental and cultural stewardship.  During beach clean up events along her coastline she educates and makes the connection to LOVE OF THE LAND and SEA and to remember how the early Hawaiians stewarded their lands.  She has been invited to speak at the White House regarding Hawaiian health & has spoken at EPA National Conferences.

A few of our other Oahu photographers:

Some Photo’s of some of our favorite Oahu Weddings