Oahu Wedding Ministers

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Oahu Wedding Ministers - Rev. Gary Canier

Rev. Gary Canier

Gary, is a warm and caring minister with a great big heart thats overflowing with Aloha. He believes in the sacred ritual of marriage and supports your right to have your wedding just the way you want to celebrate it.

Oahu Wedding Ministers - Rev. Kalona Ortiz

Rev. Kalona Ortiz

Sharon, officiating weddings on Oahu since 2004. offers a wide variety of choices to my clients including Hawaiian, non-denominational, Christian or mixed cultures.

Oahu Wedding Ministers - Rev. Gigi Lee

Rev. Gigi Lee

Oahu Wedding Ministers - Rev. Gigi Lee
Gigi also does Hair & Makeup, and she is an accomplished Musician.

Oahu Wedding Ministers - Rev. John Turbeville

Rev. John Turbeville

John recently returned to his beloved Hawaii after two years on the mainland and believes that Hawaii is his spiritual home. John believes that God loves all people and is above all things love. God made us exactly who we are and love is of God and from God and should be recognized and honored and celebrated.