Big Island Wedding Photographer Bob Brown

Big Island Weddings - Bob Brown
Big Island wedding photographer Bob Brown tells us: “I am not that pushy aggressive type of wedding photographer that is bossing everyone around. I think the wedding experience itself should be fun and pleasurable. I like to let things happen naturally where I can captures those more candid moment on film. I want everyone to derive pleasure from the event so that those are the memories not of being told what to do at every moment. With that being said I do know what shots to take and how to make things happen”.

Bob is one of our Kona based photographers and works up and down the Kona coast. One of his favorite spots is Old Airport beach just North of Kona town. He also favors some locations a little further up the Kohala coast and include Kukio and the most private location of Kikaua Point. To see these locations and more see our Big Island of Hawaii wedding locations page.

Bob of course can get booked so if you want Bob the shoot your wedding call or main planner Pake Salmon at 808-258-7253. If he turns out not to be available do not stress check out your other fabulous Big Island wedding photographers here.