Maui wedding photographer Yolanda Pelayo

Maui Wedding Photographer Yolanda Pelayo

Yolanda Pelayo is an internationally known  wedding photographer.  She was born in Madrid, Spain, and trained at the prestigious Westminister College in London. Her work has been published in many magazines throughout the world.  Her style is unique and she is best known for photo’s that blends fashion and photojournalism in a romantic and beautiful way.   She has a great deal of versatility and her talent is seen in the realm of color and black and white. She now uses digital photography exclusively. Her work can be seen with pictures that tell a story and captures those special romantic moments.

Yolanda has worked with us for over 12 years. Never a complaint, many praises and she is always punctual She will shoot all sections of Maui. On the popular Western shore whe suggests Kapalua Bay and DT Fleming as your best beach location. On the southern shore she likes Makena Cove beach and Makena Surf beaches. Beach wedding venues throughout Maui can be seen on our location page.

With that being said check her availability by calling Pake Salmon at 808-258-7253. If Yolanda is already busy on your wedding day we do offer other excellent choices. See these on this Maui wedding photographers link.

For some reason I think of international photographers like Yolanda are some of the best. I think the added experience of travel and a variety of locations and light give these photographers an edge when it comes to shooting beach weddings in Hawaii. One thing can be said about a Maui beach wedding is that nothing is constant. Lighting conditions change with the weather over short periods of time. The edge our international photographers bring give them the experience to adapt and make whatever light they have to their advantage.